Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eating at Home

The first step to being more adventurous in cooking is to actually cook, right?

In an effort to spend less money, we're committed to eating at home more this month. I realize it's only the 6th, but we haven't eaten out yet - yahoo!

We made out a menu for the week, and our kitchen is fully stocked. No excuses for popping out for a late-night dinner (I don't get home from work until almost 9:30), or eating lunch while running errands.

Since I still am working full-time, and the husband has a few weeks until he's back to work, he's still the main cook around here. And that makes me happy. He made a mean Mexican skillet last night. :)

We will eat out this month (it's our last month as a childless couple!), but we will be deliberate about it. We're trying to plan a fun weekend and I know it will involve a restaurant or two...

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