Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PB Rice Krispies

In an attempt to get rid of some Rice Krispies (really, the Target generic) and more peanut butter (when cleaning out the pantry I found almost three jars all set to expire September 24th!), we made Peanut Butter Rice Krispies.

We use our wok when making Rice Krispy Treats. It's also been used for Puppy Chow. And maybe once for stir-fry?? :)

The recipe was easy. In fact, it was just what I thought: follow the normal recipe, but throw in peanut butter right before the cereal.

Mr Oh thinks we should try Nutella next time.

I think I like the PB treats more than the regular ones. But I am a bit of a peanut butter lover. And as I ate them, I had a crazy flashback to elementary school. I forgot we used to have them sometimes in the cafeteria.

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